How Can The Music Industry Help The Environment?

For many years the gigs industry has been slated by many ecological organisations and pro environment activists that have argued that festivals have had a negative impact on the environment overall . This is because often in the wake of festivals large volumes of tents as well as camping equipment and rubbish has been left which can lead to environmental damage. Litter is another prevalent issue at festivals.

So how is the music industry driving change and changing this situation overall? There have been a number of different ways through which the music industry is changing in order to help the environment overall. One of the main ways through which it is changing is raising awareness surrounding the issue. There has been a marked increase in the number of times festival organisers as well as artists and staff alike have made visitors and concert goers aware of their effect on the environment and what they can do to reduce their overall impact.

One of the more radical and effective changes that has been seen has been the approach that has been adopted by some larger festival organisers. One of the biggest influences in this field has been Glastonbury. Glastonbury has been one of the first major festivals to rid themselves of single use plastics. This means that in future Glastonbury festivals music fans have to use recyclable cups and bottles provided by the venue themselves.

What Impact/Feedback Has This Led To?

Overwhelmingly there has been positive feedback and results as a result of this. Music fans are becoming more eco-aware and the vast majority support the actions of festival organisers such as Glastonbury who look to cut down on single use waste/plastics. However many believe that more needs to be done within the industry as there are many other gigs and concerts where there is no mention of the impact of litter and pollution and often these events have a large amount of litter and other pollution afterwards.

It could be argued that more artists need to make a case for positive action to encourage recycling and reduce litter as there are many venues that ignore this change in attitudes. Regardless what is clear is that more action is needed at music venues in order to highlight the importance of preventing pollution overall. This can only be achieved through artists raising awareness alongside festival organisers in order to reinforce the overall message.

What Are The Overall Effects Of Litter And Pollution Having?

The effects of litter and pollution are having dire consequences for the UK environment overall. Studies have indicated that the ecosystem has been damaged overall by pollution. If litter and other pollutants continue to be prevalent at festivals then organisers may need to be held more accountable for their actions as they are responsible for what happens during the festival.

Overall to conclude there is clearly still a lot that can be done by UK organisations in order to improve festivals overall and reduce any negative impact on the environment as a whole.